Practice Areas

About 50 highly qualified and experienced staff, with diverse backgrounds, work at the CPU offices in Lisbon and Oporto, and undertake projects locally and worldwide. The team includes town planners, architects, interior designers, retail designers, civil and mechanical engineers, economists, valuers and chartered surveyors.

CPU Architects International

CPU architects international, Lda.

CPU Architects International provides the following set of services in the area of Architecture, Master Plan and Urban planning:

CPU Consultores de Avaliação

Avaliação Imobiliária e Certificação Energética, LDA.

CPU Consultores provides the following set of services:

CPU Energia

Avaliação Imobiliária e Certificação Energética, Lda.

CPU ensures not only the Energy Certification as set out in the Energy Certification System (SCE), but also promotes the identification of corrective or improvement measures of performance relating to the buildings and their respective energy systems installed or to be installed.

The 2002/91/EC Directive of 16 December 2002, forces EU Member States to issue Energy Certificates for buildings in the following cases:

  • When there is leasing or sale of Housing or existing Services;
  • In order to obtain the Usage License (New Buildings);
  • When significant renovation work is carried out on the Existing Building (at a value of over 25% of the value of the building, not including the value of the lot);
  • Periodically, for all service buildings with over 1000m2 of total gross area.

This directive was transposed to the national legal order in 2006, through three Decree Laws: Decree Laws 78, 79 and 80 / 2006 of 4 April, referring to SCE, RSECE (Regulation for Energetic Systems of Acclimation in Buildings) and RCCTE (Regulation of Characteristics of Thermal Behavior in Buildings) respectively.

The corporate structure is supported by a team of RCCTE and RSECE Certified Experts, working throughout the Country.

CPU Project Management

CPU project management, Lda.

CPU Project Management provides the following set of services:

CPU Tourism Consulting

Avaliação Imobiliária e Certificação Energética, Lda.

CPU provides specialized consultancy services to the hospitality, entertainment and leisure sectors. Its specialists have a comprehensive range of expertise in market studies, feasibility studies, valuations, strategic analysis and development planning advice in relation to hotels, resorts and tourism developments, and sports and leisure facilities.

Combining its tourism expertise with the in-house planning and architecture expertise, CPU advises clients on the best use of their properties for tourism development in order to support development strategic decision making.

This multidisciplinary approach to the development of hospitality and tourism-related projects enables CPU to provide an integrated service to the client, taking into account market needs and expectations; aesthetical and functionality issues; the project’s sustainability (market, economic, environmental); and profitability maximization for the investor.

Using the brand CPU Tourism Consulting, CPU also advises local, regional and national tourism authorities in relation to tourism planning and development strategies.


The team includes urban planners, architects, interior architects and specialists in commercial area projects, civil and mechanical engineers, economists, expert appraisers, and chartered surveyors. Founded in 1983 by Architect-Urbanist Adriano Callé Lucas, as a single firm.