Urban Planning

Urban and Regional Planning
CPU is engaged in jobs that cover a wide variety of interdisciplinary urban and regional planning studies, guided by the principles of sustainable urban and territory development. The Company renders services to the government and to local authorities during the planning process, namely, in the preparation of Regional Plans, Inter-Municipal and Municipal Spatial Plans (Municipal Master Plans, Development Plans and Detail Plans) and Plans for Safeguarding and Rehabilitating Historic Town Centres, namely within the scope of the URBCOM programs.

Master Planning/Urban Design/Development Programs
CPU carries out urban planning studies, development projects and master plans for mixed use developments, as well as for residential, office, commercial, industrial, logistic, tourism and leisure development, at diverse locations. Each of our urban planning studies is designed specifically for each location and attempts to address simultaneously issues of good urban and environmental integration, urban design quality and optimizing the respective economic and financial viability.

The scope of the services offered by CPU also includes the development of viability studies. The purpose of these is to assess at an early stage the various alternative development and project programs for the locations and plots under study.

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