Energy Certification

CPU Energia arose within CPU Consultores after the development of the group's other activities, which tackle issues of sustainability for the various projects in which CPU is involved. CPU Energia focuses its activity on providing Energy Certification services needed as a result of the National Energy Certification and Building Interior Air Quality System (in Portuguese, SCE) requirements and culminating in Energy Certification within the scope of RCCTE/RSECE.

CPU Energia not only ensures energy certification, as provided for by the SCE, but also promotes the identification of measures to correct or improve the performance of buildings and their respective energy systems, whether installed or to be installed in the future.

Service provision structure in this area is supported by a group of Senior REH and RECS Qualified Experts and a larger number of RCCTE Qualified experts working in all districts of Mainland Portugal. These are supported by a CPU Portal which is online 24 hours a day, allowing requests to be placed via the Web, as well as all aspects of event monitoring, documentation access and delivery of respective energy certificates.

Why certify

An energy certificate assesses the energy performance of a building or an autonomous part of a building, classifying it with a letter from A+ to F. The certificate also highlights a number of measures for improving energy performance.

Increasing value of real estate
Knowledge of improvement measures that can be implemented with the aim of:
Reducing the energy bill,
Improving energy classification,
Improving temperature comfort levels,
Contributing to a reduction in environmental impact.


Energy certificates

The most competitively-priced energy certificates on the market

Visits scheduled within 24H
Certificate delivered within 5 days after full payment and delivery of all documents.
Urgent service for certificates required within 24H.

Visits are carried out by highly specialized and experienced technicians.

How to certify

1  Request your energy certificate by email, telephone or fax.
    Telf: 21 393 90 10
    Fax: 21 393 90 41 / 42

2  Contact is made within 24H to schedule a visit

3  Visit carried out by Qualified Experts.

4  Certificate is issued within a maximum of 5 days, after the visit,
    and sent by email.

5  The certificate comes with a complementary report and a report
    detailing improvement measures

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