CPU develops building architecture projects covering an array of various sizes and types, from the recovery and refurbishment of existing buildings within historic town centres, to large-scale projects in other urban or suburban areas.
CPU has experience in the conception of multifunctional projects, residential developments, office blocks and parks, hotels, tourist resorts, industrial buildings and warehouses.
Services rendered also include interior planning, architecture and design. At CPU, every project is unique and designed to simultaneously reconcile aesthetic and functional standards, energy efficiency, economic and financial viability and good environmental integration, so as to add value to the client's investment and to the community at large.
Combining urban planning and architecture skills, CPU handles the development of very large-scale urban planning and real estate projects consistently and in an integrated fashion, from the first stages of spatial planning to the execution project for each building, including the coordination of architecture with the various specialist fields within engineering and providing technical support to the building work.

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